Monday, February 2, 2009

Affirmations vs Mantras for Wellness

In Eastern teachings it is believed that words produce an actual physical vibration. When we repeat words over and over, then the word can have a direct association with the situation produced.

That is why it is believed that stating over and over again about how ill you may be, how sick you are, or how bad things are, can accelerate the level of your illness or negative life situation.

Words are used as powerful implements of healing, changing the world for better, obtaining love and wealth, even finding inner peace.

That is why I want to explore with you about words for “healing” and moving forward to a place of peace and being open for wonderful things to occur.

In the United States we have positive affirmations. These are wonderful sentences or thoughts that when repeated several times a day can help to change the way we think. The direct definition for affirmation is: a positive declaration; something declared to be true, a positive statement or judgment.

There is even a site called “Re-train your Brain” with Power Affirmations.

So an example of a positive affirmation could be a short verse from the Bible.
It could also be something like: "I release, I relax, and I let go. I am safe in life."
OR “All is well in my world.” (Louise Hays)

I even found Beliefnet, Healing Words for Breast Cancer Patients.
Here is one of their Healing petitions:

May God heal me, body & soul.
May my pain cease,
May my strength increase,
May my fears be released,
May blessings, Love and Joy surround me.
(Naomi Levy)

However, I have found that many people repeat affirmations without really internalizing the words, after a while they become just words being said. This is where the Mantra Mindset comes in to be beneficial for those very same words.

A mantra is a sacred verbal formula repeated in prayer, meditation or incarnation. A repetition of words with deep intent for the outcome.

In mantras the words produce an actual physical vibration but the INTENT for those words also carries power for the outcome.

Try it out-
Repeat to yourself 10 x- “All is well in my world” as you would an affirmation.

See how you feel.

Now, Repeat, "All is well in my world", but allow yourself to feel that all is really well in your world.
Remove the limitations you place in circumstances improving drastically and just allow them to be.
You feel stronger, more peaceful, capable, and optimistic and say "All is well in my world" with this intent.

After 10 repetitions, can you feel the difference?

Some people are so stuck in their negative internal tape that perhaps they can start with affirmations and every third repetition switch to a mantra mind set.

If you are interested in an actual Healing mantra, there is one from the Bharat Healing Yoga that is very powerful yet safe.
It is used for energizing a person's Life Force Energy that is crucial for wellness and being in a place of peace.
The results are felt after a period of time.

The more repetitions, the more profound the results, with this or anything.

The Rama Healing Mantra:
Om Apadama Hataram Dataram Sarva Sampadam Loka Bhi Ramam Sri Rama Bhuyo bhuyo Namamyaham

Rough Translation: Om, Oh most compassionate Rama please send your healing energy right here to the Earth, to the Earth.

When we repeat words in the form of mantras, then over time, these words begin to override all of the previous vibrations in our cells, in our bodies, in our hearts and in our minds... and eventually even in our Universe.

We replace the negative thought/vibration with positive vibrations/thoughts at a deep cellular level.

Perhaps you have seen individuals wearing a long beaded necklace or one with numerous knots. These are called mala or prayer beads and have 108 beads/repetitions.

You can start easy with a mantra by just choosing a word such as peace, love, compassion.
All these intentions can lead to wellness and healing.

So give it a try. Go to your local bead shop, Hindu, Buddhist shop, purchase or make a Mala and select a word that resonates with where you want to be.

Then take time aside daily, about 30 minutes and repeat your affirmation Mantra, see what happens.

Good luck, have fun and be well.

Well, that’s it for today. Thank you for taking time to read my thoughts.
See you Monday.

With love, compassion and respect,

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